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A number of investment plans were developed, which can satisfy the needs of both small and large investors.


For 500 Days
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Maximum Deposit: $10,000
  • Principal: Included
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For 500 Days
  • Minimum Deposit: $10,001
  • Maximum Deposit: $1,000,000
  • Principal: Included
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Cash Capital

We are an E-Learning platform focused on portfolio advancement primarily through Stock Options Trading. We are a heavily experienced and qualified team with emphasis on TEACHING our members. Stock Market predictions through our Technical Analysis Expertise and in depth News Based Analysts. The goal of our group is to allow our members to LEARN, EARN, And GROW. Greater than a portfolio, we serve as a gateway to another source of income, as well as an extra source of income. However, our services are not restricted to just the stock market. We believe investing is not just monetarily, but also internally: we believe in investing in yourself. To learn more about Cash Capital visit the website. https://www.cashcapitalinvest.com/


The world is evolving towards a new generation of business models and DECENTRA has an ecosystem that provides technological tools that favor the personal and financial growth of our independent entrepreneurs. For more information on Decentra Universe visit https://www.decentrauniverse.com/


Grow our global learning community to 2 million independent entrepreneurs with an exponential increase by 2030

welcome to novatech-decentra.com

Cash Capital and Decentra have created an amazing lifestyle for all of it's members and as many of our staff are earning an income with these 2 companies, we can all be assured both of these companies will be in business for many years to come. We bring you this opportunity as a combination of two of the very best and trusted programs online today!

Our CEO Robert Alston who is a dedicated member of Cash Capital and Decentra and has combined profits from these 2 wonderful programs and uses profits earned from both programs to pay participants here at Novatech-Decentra.

Cash Capital and Decentra have paid members consistently for multiple years now so we set this program up around these two companies. These two companies are so consistent with payments we have been able to establish multiple lines of credit and borrowing power. For every $1 dollar you invest with this company Novatech-Decentra we invest $5 dollars into Cash Capital and Decentra. The extra funds come from our lines of credit. Because we are increasing the amount of money that enters Cash Capital and Decentra, we can increase the amount of daily/weekly pay.

We pay 7% weekly. Decentra pays 10% monthly we pay 30% monthly. If you invest $1000 with our program, we put $5000 into Cash Capital and or Decentra.

7%referral commission

1% 2nd Generation Referral Bonus
(3%) 3rd Generation Referral bonus (for Regional Representatives Only)
To Become Regional Representative you need 35 people who you referred yourself.
As a Regional Representative once 10 of your referrals have referred at least 10 Active people you start getting paid a $2000 per month rent reward. As Regional Representative you are paid a one time bonus of $1200.

why choose us?

  • Genuine Investment Platform
  • Real Registered Company
  • 100% Insurance for Principal
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Strong DDoS protection
  • High level of security
  • Comodo PositiveSSL encryption
  • Professional Management Team
  • Realiable Support Staff

regional representatives

10% referral commission for our representatives

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